B-Format Encoder Update

I’ve updated the B-format encoder. The first change was to make the GUI a bit lighter so the text is easier to read. The second change was more serious. There was a memory leak that was causing a build up in the RAM over time and, if used for long enough, a crash. This is now fixed and it seems to be working stably.

I’ll be spending this weekend updating the code for the decoding plugin. I doubt I’ll have the time to make a GUI but if I can get the code and a usable GUI ready then I’ll be sure to post them.

Once I finish that I have a few ideas of other plugins to make that will aim to make Ambisonics as usable as possible for those who’ve never encountered it before. There will be at least one “Ambisonic equivalent panner” that won’t require a decoder. The aim is to allow people to just plug and play using several standard loudspeaker arrays without having to worry about the encoding/decoding step.

You can download the updated version here or on the VST page at the top.

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