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Demo 8 – Across the Sea

So it’s been more than a month since I posted a song so I thought I should get back to it since it was the original aim of this blog…

Anyway, this song was written and recorded a few months ago and of the songs I’ve posted so far is the only one that’s not a political/social comment one. It was nice to write something a bit more personal after doing a lot of songs looking out at what else was going on in the world (even if they’re all written as if they’re somewhat personal songs). I’d say that the tone fits with the other ones since there’s a tinge of sadness but, unlike most of the others, there’s also a shade of hope in the chorus that gives it a bit of a lift.

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Full disclosure (musical influences)

Before I start posting any music of my own I thought I’d write a bit about my main musical influences. Not so much because I expect anyone to care but because it’ll force me to think about where exactly I’m drawing some of my ideas from and perhaps reminding me not to sound too much like any particular artist.

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