VST Plugins

The links on this page are old. You can find the VSTs on my new website: https://spatialaudio.xyz/vst-plugins

I’m working on some Ambisonics VSTs. You can download the alpha-versions on this page.

Stereo Near Field Compensation

Download 32 and 64 bit versions for Windows and Mac (28/05/2013)

B-format Encoder

Download 32bit Windows and Mac VSTs

UHJ Encoder/Transcoder

UHJ interface

Download 32bit Windows and Mac VSTs

Ambisonic Decoder

Please check back later. It’s coming!


10 responses to “VST Plugins

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  2. Very nice B-format to UHJ. This is now my preferred solution 🙂

  3. Really nice. Hopefully I will be able to use your UHJ encoder to route surround with 2 channels internally in Ableton. B-format is a pain in Ableton.

  4. any update on uhj decoder sir..

  5. sorry sir, i mean ambisonic decoder

  6. hi,
    Do you plan a x64 version of your ambisonic encoder?
    Nice work.

    • Hi Gael,

      I can’t had tried compiling one quite a while ago but can’t find it now. Do you need Windows or Mac? I might be able to find one in my archives.

  7. Hi peter,

    Windows x64 will be the best.
    Hope you still have it in your files. I need something like that to mix mono files with 1st order ambisonic and get an Ambisonic first order file for final mix.

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