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New Website!

I’m moving to a new website that will have content for some of the freelance work I’ve been doing, as well as gathering some of the content I’ve already got on this site.

Visit now 🙂

The VST and Matlab downloads are now available on the new site under ‘Downloads’.


Binaural and Head Tracking Paper

The Audio Engineering Society has put up the papers for the upcoming 140th AES Convention in Paris. You can download my paper here.

The paper was done in collaboration with the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris, who will also have some very interesting demos on a stand at the Convention.

It’s a study comparing perception of sound source stability between 1- and 5-source sound scenes for different levels of latency. I’ll be presenting it on the last day of the convention in the Immersive Audio section.

New Banner!

I finally decided to upgrade the site banner. The last one was meant to be temporary (only for a week, tops) and ended up lasting for months. This one is also temporary since I’m no graphic designer but it’s certainly better than the last one! This one’s just a spectrogram of a song but at least this one has something to do with audio.

Hopefully there’ll be a new song on the way this evening or tomorrow and then maybe a bit more work on the Ambisonics VSTs as well.