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New VST Plugin – Stereo Near Field Compensation

I’ve finished a new plugin! It’s very simple but was made in the spirit of experimentation.

User interface for stereo near field correction plugin

User interface for stereo near field correction plugin

If you read yesterday’s post┬áthen you can get an overview of what it does.

In short: it compensates for the proximity effect when sitting a short distance from your loudspeakers. This is fairly standard practice in Ambisonics and was proposed by Michael Gerzon (the godfather of Ambisonics) for stereo listening. It’s primarily useful when you’ve got phase differences in your signal between the two loudspeakers.

This is the first plugin I’ve done a 64bit version of so I hope it works. In fact, I was using this simple plugin simply as an excuse to try out a new way of doing the GUI and compiling a 64bit version.

It’s working fine on my Windows and Mac systems but if it doesn’t work on yours then let me know. I’ve tested it with Reaper (32/64bit on Mac & Windows) and SONAR X2 (64bit Windows).

It’s available in both 32 and 64bit versions for both Mac and Windows.

You can download all of the different version here.

I’d be very interesting in hearing back from people if they think it’s worth taking into account if it’s one of those things that’s fine in theory but can be safely ignored in practice.

If you’re finding use for my VST plugins and would like to donate to give me further incentive to keep working on them then it’d be warmly welcomed.

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B-Format Encoder GUI

First draft of new B-format encoder GUI

I’m going to take a very quick break from coding to post this. It’s the initial design for the B-format encoder GUI that I’m working on. Right now I’m just getting it coded up and hopefully it’ll be available for alpha testing in the next couple of days.

Click on the image to make it larger.

If anyone has any suggestions on changes or improvements that can be made then I’ll be glad to hear them. Just leave a comment or send me an email.