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Demo 4 – Bleeding Blooms

This one started life intended as a single guitar and voice song. However, when I eventually got round to doing this rough version I thought that lyrics pushed it in a direction that required something a bit more visceral in the chorus. It’s still a very rough version but I like the sparseness.

Most of the verses were written last December when Prime Minister David Cameron used a veto in Europe and looked to be isolating the UK from having any political influence in the (still developing) eurozone crisis (hence the “floating out to sea” line). As with most of these songs I tried to write it in the style of something slightly more abstract. Usually they are seen through the prism of human relationships and interaction rather than as grand political statements.

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Demo 3 – Gladstone’s Tea

This short acoustic song was originally conceived as a low-key opener to the album. I’m not sure if it will remain in that position until all of the other songs are written and I can see where it fits. It might also make a good mid-album interlude.

Musically there isn’t much going on here. A single strummed acoustic guitar, a melody and some bit-crushed white noise. I want to keep it simple so this might even end up being the final version. That will really depend on how the rest of the arrangements turn out for the other songs.

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Demo 2 – Cold Design

I’ve decided to get all of the songs I’ve already recorded rough versions of out of the road before I start writing about writing new songs so here’s another one I made earlier! This song was written in (I think) late summer last year. As with 95% of everything I’ve ever written it started out as a guitar piece. However in the current demo mix the guitar is fairly  low down and almost performs more of a rhythm role than a melodic one. The focus, especially once the chorus hits, is much more on the skittery percussion, drums, bass and vocals.

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Demo 1 – Fought the Things

This was the first song in this batch of songs. It was written in Novermber 2010. Originally I’d planned to write a load more and have them finished by summer 2011 but that never happened.

It sets the tone for most of the rest of the songs that will follow. It’s a bit of a political comment, taken from a personal perspective. Verses 1 and 2 (written out below) are about, respectively, the hope for change after the 2010 General Election in the UK and the disappointment with what how seemed to be going at the time. Verse 3 is a short comment on how we were (and are) constantly being told by the government that tough things have to happen that will be uncomfortable but that it’s for our own good. A year and a half since the song was written and the situation doesn’t seem to have changed much.

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What is Ambisonics?

OK, so I said in my first blog post that I’m hoping to mix the tracks using Ambisonics so I guess I’d better explain what that means. I’ll try and keep away from too much technical jargon and just explain what it is, where it’s from and why I want to use it.

Ambisonic is a spatial audio technique used over a loudspeaker array (generally four or more loudspeakers, though it can collapse to stereo) to place a sound in space. It is a periphonic technique, which means sounds can be placed anywhere in a sphere around a listener (assuming an appropriate loudspeaker array).

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Full disclosure (musical influences)

Before I start posting any music of my own I thought I’d write a bit about my main musical influences. Not so much because I expect anyone to care but because it’ll force me to think about where exactly I’m drawing some of my ideas from and perhaps reminding me not to sound too much like any particular artist.

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Tools and Tricks

So here’s a list of the main tools I’ll be using. Obviously I won’t be rigidly limited to this list but this is what I’ll be using most frequently. The equipment is all of good enough quality so if it turns out the mixes are bad we’ll know it’s all down to a lack of skill on my part and not the tools.  Lets wait and see though!

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