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Song 10 – Strange Death

I’ve not posted any music in quite a while so here’s the 10th song/demo that I was working late last year (the others can be heard here). I never got round to recording the vocals to it and had a bit of free time a few weekends ago so I thought I might as well do it while I had the time.

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Demo 9 – Time to Go

So this is the penultimate demo I’ll be posting. Then I’ll be taking a bit of time to evaluate, re-work and re-arrange them so that they all seem like they fit together. It’ll give a me a bit more time to work on my Ambisonics VSTs as well now that I’m not so much in songwriting mode.

This song originally was originally inspired when I was thinking back to last year’s BBC documentary “Choosing to Die” in which Sir Terry Pratchett explores the issue of assisted dying. It also happened that long time campaign Tony Nicklinson died just as I was finishing the lyrics and I almost completely scrapped the song because it just didn’t feel like it was possible to do the issue justice with my limited lyrical talent. In the end I decided to keep it and just keep trying to work on it to improve it between now and recording the final version.

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Demo 8 – Across the Sea

So it’s been more than a month since I posted a song so I thought I should get back to it since it was the original aim of this blog…

Anyway, this song was written and recorded a few months ago and of the songs I’ve posted so far is the only one that’s not a political/social comment one. It was nice to write something a bit more personal after doing a lot of songs looking out at what else was going on in the world (even if they’re all written as if they’re somewhat personal songs). I’d say that the tone fits with the other ones since there’s a tinge of sadness but, unlike most of the others, there’s also a shade of hope in the chorus that gives it a bit of a lift.

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Demo 7 – Les Merles

This is brand new one. Most of the other songs I’ve posted so far were written sometime over the last year or more but this one was written more or less entirely today. I’d had something like the opening guitar lick for a while that I’d tend to play when I’m not really concentrating and decided to try and make something out of it. It starts out a little bit Folk with a tinge of Country before turning into a mass of guitars in the second half.

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Demo 4 – Bleeding Blooms

This one started life intended as a single guitar and voice song. However, when I eventually got round to doing this rough version I thought that lyrics pushed it in a direction that required something a bit more visceral in the chorus. It’s still a very rough version but I like the sparseness.

Most of the verses were written last December when Prime Minister David Cameron used a veto in Europe and looked to be isolating the UK from having any political influence in the (still developing) eurozone crisis (hence the “floating out to sea” line). As with most of these songs I tried to write it in the style of something slightly more abstract. Usually they are seen through the prism of human relationships and interaction rather than as grand political statements.

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Demo 3 – Gladstone’s Tea

This short acoustic song was originally conceived as a low-key opener to the album. I’m not sure if it will remain in that position until all of the other songs are written and I can see where it fits. It might also make a good mid-album interlude.

Musically there isn’t much going on here. A single strummed acoustic guitar, a melody and some bit-crushed white noise. I want to keep it simple so this might even end up being the final version. That will really depend on how the rest of the arrangements turn out for the other songs.

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Demo 2 – Cold Design

I’ve decided to get all of the songs I’ve already recorded rough versions of out of the road before I start writing about writing new songs so here’s another one I made earlier! This song was written in (I think) late summer last year. As with 95% of everything I’ve ever written it started out as a guitar piece. However in the current demo mix the guitar is fairly  low down and almost performs more of a rhythm role than a melodic one. The focus, especially once the chorus hits, is much more on the skittery percussion, drums, bass and vocals.

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