Monthly Archives: August 2012

Demo 7 – Les Merles

This is brand new one. Most of the other songs I’ve posted so far were written sometime over the last year or more but this one was written more or less entirely today. I’d had something like the opening guitar lick for a while that I’d tend to play when I’m not really concentrating and decided to try and make something out of it. It starts out a little bit Folk with a tinge of Country before turning into a mass of guitars in the second half.

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UHJ Encoder VST Beta

I’ve got 32bit Windows and Mac versions of a UHJ Encoder working. I’m looking for anyone who wants to beta test it. I’m hoping to see how stable it is on other systems (seems fine on mine) and different DAWs (I’ve tested for Reaper and SONAR X1). If you’d like to give it a go then just leave a comment or contact me via email.

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Ambisonic VST Plugins Design

Last year on my MA in Sonic Arts I made three VST plug ins as part of an assignment for a Spatial Audio module. I had a couple of months to make them and I made the foolish decision of thinking “Oh, I can learn C++ in that time and still be able to work VSTs by the end”. It turns out I was able to do it but the result code is far from elegant. The plugins are used to encode and decode sounds using the Ambisonics format.

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