Monthly Archives: March 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy…

So we’re only at March and I think I’ve already let my “update this blog at least one every 2 weeks” target slip… Oh well, I’ll have to try harder!

I’ve been busy working on a conference paper with the main conclusions of my listening experiment. It’s limited it 6 pages in length and it’s actually quite hard to fit everything into that sort of space.

SARCoder – Ambisonic Decoder

I’m going to try get working on the decoder VST again. It’s really stalled and I need to get back to it – there’s not much point having two encoder VSTs without a decoder (although there are others out there). The first version I get released will probably be pretty basic but once I can get it into a good form I’ll be able to add new features more easily.

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Working on Music

As part of my New Year Goals I decided to “write 40 minutes of music – currently planned to be a 40 minute “concept” song about Northern Ireland. Chart topping hit in the making!”.

Since that time I’ve made some progress with 4 different sections/movements/songs on their way to completion. The music is a bit different to the other stuff I’ve posted to this blog. Instead of being folk with a bit of electronics and lots of delay effects it’s shaping into something more varied and Rock-y.

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