Monthly Archives: September 2012

Thoughts on Ambisonic B-Format Encoder VST

So, as I posted early last month (here), I’ve been working on some VST plugins for Higher Order Ambisonics. This included a B-format encoder for up to 5th order and a corresponding decoder for up to 48 loudspeakers. I’ve also done a UHJ encoder that’s currently under a bit of beta testing and is getting added height information and GUI redesign.

This post is mostly to get my head round what I’m going to include in the next version of the B-format encoder (the first one I’ll be making public). It could be a long, rambling post but I’ll try to keep it as coherent as possible!

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Demo 9 – Time to Go

So this is the penultimate demo I’ll be posting. Then I’ll be taking a bit of time to evaluate, re-work and re-arrange them so that they all seem like they fit together. It’ll give a me a bit more time to work on my Ambisonics VSTs as well now that I’m not so much in songwriting mode.

This song originally was originally inspired when I was thinking back to last year’s BBC documentary “Choosing to Die” in which Sir Terry Pratchett explores the issue of assisted dying. It also happened that long time campaign Tony Nicklinson died just as I was finishing the lyrics and I almost completely scrapped the song because it just didn’t feel like it was possible to do the issue justice with my limited lyrical talent. In the end I decided to keep it and just keep trying to work on it to improve it between now and recording the final version.

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Demo 8 – Across the Sea

So it’s been more than a month since I posted a song so I thought I should get back to it since it was the original aim of this blog…

Anyway, this song was written and recorded a few months ago and of the songs I’ve posted so far is the only one that’s not a political/social comment one. It was nice to write something a bit more personal after doing a lot of songs looking out at what else was going on in the world (even if they’re all written as if they’re somewhat personal songs). I’d say that the tone fits with the other ones since there’s a tinge of sadness but, unlike most of the others, there’s also a shade of hope in the chorus that gives it a bit of a lift.

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New Banner!

I finally decided to upgrade the site banner. The last one was meant to be temporary (only for a week, tops) and ended up lasting for months. This one is also temporary since I’m no graphic designer but it’s certainly better than the last one! This one’s just a spectrogram of a song but at least this one has something to do with audio.

Hopefully there’ll be a new song on the way this evening or tomorrow and then maybe a bit more work on the Ambisonics VSTs as well.

Long Waits

So it’s been a while since my last update but I have been working. I’ve got two more songs written that I didn’t have a month ago and I’ve another one that I’ve had recorded since May that I’ll try to post this week. I’ve delayed doing any more because I’ve written all of the songs I’m probably going to end up using and have been waiting on getting a new guitar before I start recording final versions of these songs. For one reason or another this has been delayed since about mid-April but yesterday I finally ordered it. It’s Rick Turner Renaissance RS6 and should be much easier to record consistently than my current acoustic guitar. I’ll still be using my current Tanglewood quite a bit since the RS6 isn’t a true acoustic and needs amplified but it will give me more “colours” to play with when recording.

Needless to say, I’m really quite excited about it!