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Tools and Tricks

So here’s a list of the main tools I’ll be using. Obviously I won’t be rigidly limited to this list but this is what I’ll be using most frequently. The equipment is all of good enough quality so if it turns out the mixes are bad we’ll know it’s all down to a lack of skill on my part and not the tools. ┬áLets wait and see though!

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What am I doing here?

So, first post and I feel like I should explain myself!

Who am I?

I’m a PhD student at Queen’s University Belfast. I’m in the School of Creative arts and am based in the Sonic Arts Research Centre. I’m on the more technical side of the department so I don’t get much of a musical outlet during my work. During my undergraduate course (MSci in Applied Maths and Physics) I would spend my spare time writing and recording music but that’s slipped a bit as I’ve become a bit busier.

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