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Binaural and Head Tracking Paper

The Audio Engineering Society has put up the papers for the upcoming 140th AES Convention in Paris. You can download my paper here.

The paper was done in collaboration with the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris, who will also have some very interesting demos on a stand at the Convention.

It’s a study comparing perception of sound source stability between 1- and 5-source sound scenes for different levels of latency. I’ll be presenting it on the last day of the convention in the Immersive Audio section.


AES Paris

I’ve neglected this blog a bit in the last year, but there should be a few more things coming soon. And I think I’ll try my hand at making a VST plugin using Matlab (a new feature that looks exciting).

Anyway, I’ll be presenting a paper at AES Paris this year. It is about the influence of head tracking for different scene types with binaural audio and was written with colleagues on Project BiLi at CNSMdP and LIMSI. The conference takes place 4-7th June. Please get in touch, I’d be happy to meet plenty of new people!

The paper is:

P. Stitt, E. Hendrickx, J.-C. Messonnier, and B. F. G. Katz, “The influence of head tracking latency on binaural rendering in simple and complex sound scenes,” in Audio Engineering Society Convention 140, 2016, pp. 1–8.

Proceedings of Ambisonics and Auralization Symposium

The proceedings of the joint Ambisonics and Auralization symposium has been published as a book today. You can get it here. It’s definitely worth checking out because there were lots of interesting works presented.

Ten of the papers are missing (including my own) because they’ll be out in the autumn in a special issue of the journal ‘Acta Acustica united with Acustica’.

EAA Joint Symposium on Auralization and Ambisonics 2014

I’ll be at the Ambisonics Symposium (joint with the Auralization symposium) in Berlin this week (3rd-5th April). The program is here and it looks like it’ll be really interesting.

I’ll be presenting a paper titled “Off-Centre Localisation Performance of Ambisonics and HOA for Large and Small Loudspeaker Array Radii” on the 5th. I’ll post a link to the paper once it’s up on the TU Berlin website, which should hopefully be in the next couple of days.

If you happen to be going then please get in touch because I’d love to chat.

Download DAFx Conference Paper

The proceedings of DAFx13 have gone up on their website so you can read my paper if you’re interested in it.

Download it here.

View all the papers presented during the week here.

Presenting at DAFx13

I’ll be presenting next Thursday at DAFx13 in Maynooth, Ireland. The paper details the results of an experiment I carried out in February about localisation at off-centre positions. It’s titled:

Perceptual Investigation of Image Placement with Ambisonics for Non-Centred Listeners

If you’re also going to DAFx then please get in touch, I’d look forward to chatting.

I’ll try to post the paper some time next week after it’s been presented.

DAFx13 – Maynooth

A short post today:

I’ve had a paper accepted to DAFx-13 in Maynooth, Ireland this September. I’ve a few reviews to make but it I’m looking forward to it! I still waiting to hear if it’s a poster or a presentation.

It presents the results of the listening experiment I did in February for Ambisonics. It’ll be nice to get back to a conference and hopefully engage in some interesting discussions!

I almost feel like a real academic!