Busy, Busy, Busy…

So we’re only at March and I think I’ve already let my “update this blog at least one every 2 weeks” target slip… Oh well, I’ll have to try harder!

I’ve been busy working on a conference paper with the main conclusions of my listening experiment. It’s limited it 6 pages in length and it’s actually quite hard to fit everything into that sort of space.

SARCoder – Ambisonic Decoder

I’m going to try get working on the decoder VST again. It’s really stalled and I need to get back to it – there’s not much point having two encoder VSTs without a decoder (although there are others out there). The first version I get released will probably be pretty basic but once I can get it into a good form I’ll be able to add new features more easily.

Ambisonic Equivalent Panner

I’m also thinking of making an Ambisonic Equivalent Panner (AEP) VST. This essentially combines the encoder and decoder into one VST. The main challenge is to make it efficient enough that having several doesn’t suck up all the CPU.

My main problem with AEP is that it removes the intermediate stage of Ambisonics that makes it so flexible. Sure, you could go back through your project and change the loudspeaker layer that it plays to but that’s more tedious than a single change on a decoder on you Master buss. The advantage of AEP is that people who aren’t used to Ambisonics and the encode/decode process will find it a lot easier to work with because most people can use a panner.

The AEP plug-in might arrive before the decoder plug-in because I could use it to test out some code in a smaller project before adding it to the monster that is the decoder. Hopefully, whichever comes first, one of them will be available fairly soon!

Suggestions for features on either plug-in are welcome 🙂

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