Working on Music

As part of my New Year Goals I decided to “write 40 minutes of music – currently planned to be a 40 minute “concept” song about Northern Ireland. Chart topping hit in the making!”.

Since that time I’ve made some progress with 4 different sections/movements/songs on their way to completion. The music is a bit different to the other stuff I’ve posted to this blog. Instead of being folk with a bit of electronics and lots of delay effects it’s shaping into something more varied and Rock-y.

I’ve picked up the electric guitar, turned up the distortion and… found out that I don’t really remember what to do with it! I’m so used to fingerpicking Folk that my ability to play anything other than fairly simple Blues licks is all but forgotten. I’ll have to keep going with and start listening to more Black Sabbath to remind myself of how you’re meant to play electric guitar.

There’s still plenty of acoustic guitar in there as well. The mix is quite Jethro Tull-esque so far. One of the sections is an Irish Trad sort of style. Another is a Heavy Metal and another is pure Rock. It’s quite fun to be able to work within many different genres. It’ll also be fun to try and merge all these sections into something that works as a cohesive song (albeit, a very long one).

The lyrics are shaping up to be about Northern Ireland and all the recent issues here. It’s an expression of frustration at the current situation regarding flags and the division that’s still so evident. As usual, the lyrics are the hardest part for me…

And, of course, I’ll have to do an Ambisonic mix of the whole lot once I’m done.

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