Ambisonic Decoder Progress Update

There’s not been much in the way of news about the VST plugins recently so I thought I’d post a quick update. I’ll make my excuses and then say what I’ve been working on.

First comes the excuse. I’ve been busy. I know it sucks as an excuse. The problem is that the VSTs are a side-project for me that can be useful for my PhD but when they’re not they have to go on the back burner. Unfortunately I’ve been very busy designing an experiment involving Ambisonics to work much on the VSTs.

But aside from that I should give a quick update of what’s to come. My plan is to release an Ambisonic decoder to go with the two encoders. It’ll allow loudspeaker position selection, choice of listening options (with 1 or 2 bands with user selected crossover frequency) like Basic, Max rE and in-phase, up to 5-the order decoding, stereo bounce down, near field compensation and selection of the spherical harmonic weights used (eg N2D, SN3D etc.).

I’m sorry about the delay but I’ll try my best to make available as soon as possible. If I’ve missed any essential features then let me know d I can try to work them in. Until then, if anyone is dying format decoder, you can send me an email and I can send you a copy of my old decoder. It’s basic and a bit cumbersome but does the job.

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