New Year Goals

Following the advice of Kim Lajoie about resolutions vs. goals I’ll set out what I hope to achieve this year. I’ll not go into massive detail in this post (that’s for my own private notes and is probably a bit boring) but I’ll give the broad outlines.

Now, I’m not normally one to make New Year’s resolutions because I’ve always wondered what was the point of making them only at one time in the year? However, this year I’ve got a lot going on and now is as good a time as any to set goals and organise myself. They’re in a few different sections – PhD, Music, VST plugins and Misc.

PhD Goals for 2013:

  • Carry out the listening experiment I’m currently designing, analyse the results and write them up into a paper.
  • Start the second listen experiment design and carry it out. Analyse the results.
  • Write 2 background chapters for my thesis – Ambisonics and human spatial hearing.
  • Attend a minimum of 1 conference, aiming for 2-3 (depending on money, mostly).

Music Goals for 2013:

  • Record final versions of the 10 demo tracks that I’ve written about on this blog.
  • Write 40 minutes of music – currently planned to be a 40 minute “concept” song about Northern Ireland. Chart topping hit in the making!
  • Finish a collaboration song that I started several months ago with a good friend (it’s my fault it stalled but I’ve got ideas floating around my head).
  • Buy more CDs – minimum 1 per month and tentative maximum of 1 per week (still a cheaper habit than smoking!).

VST Plugins Goals for 2013:

  • Finish the Ambisonic decoder plugin (currently on the backburner while I work on PhD stuff).
  • Write an “Ambisonic equivalent panning” VST that doesn’t require a decoder.

There’s much more that I’d like to do here but I can’t really make the commitment. I have to try to at least somewhat realistic.

Misc Goals for 2013:

  • Learn to speak French to the point I can have a proper conversation without having to stop every 5 words to look for the vocabulary!
  • Go out canvassing for APNI at least 6 times (once every 2 months).
  • Continue to volunteer for SOS Bus NI.

And Finally!

  • Post updates at least once every two weeks to this blog. Since I started it as a way to provide momentum to my work I should have some sort of structure for it.

There we go, my goals for 2013 (I’m sure I’ve left some out). I’ll do my best to stick to them.

Happy New Year!

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