B-Format Encoder (alpha version) Available!

I’ve finished the alpha version of my updated B-format encoder. I’ve already got a list of changes I want to make but I guess that’s the nature of an alpha version of any piece of software.

This VST is made freely available but I make no guarantees it’ll work with every system (though I hope it does!). If you have a problem with it then please contact me.

You can download 32bit Windows and Mac versions (with brief documentation) here.

Remember: you’ll need a decoder to get usable surround sound. The decoder should be at least the same order that you want to play back – there’s no point encoding at 5th order if you’re making a 2nd order output (unless you want to store the higher order channels for future decoding).

If you do try them and have any suggestions then please get in touch. Feature requests are welcome but I’m very interested in hearing how stable they are. If they don’t work with your normal host/DAW then please let me know! Just tell me what you’re using so I can build up a picture of when they do and don’t work.

Once I get these tested and fix whatever bugs appear I’ll move onto trying to get 64bit versions done.

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