From Demo to Final Versions

I’ve been posting demos of songs I’ve been working on with the intention of recording them into an album. I’ve been waiting to get my new electro-acoustic guitar before I started. Well, it’s finally arrived and once it’s adjustment/set-up at the guitar shop (hopefully today, maybe tomorrow) I can start recording with it.

So that means I have to start looking at the nine demos I’ve recorded (and the one or two other songs I’ve finished but not fully demo’d) and see how I can make them fit together as a cohesive whole.

The first thing I’ll take a look at is the lyrics. I’m not a lyricist so I can sometimes get a bit lazy at that stage, especially if something’s not flowing well. This is more a ‘quality control’ step rather than trying to make the songs cohesive – I’m not intending it as a concept album! – but I think there is a general theme/mood to the songs that I want to preserve and perhaps strengthen.

The second step is to start looking at the arrangements. There are a couple of the demo tracks that don’t fit in with the others, especially ‘Not My World’. I think I’ll have some fun coming up with a more guitar based arrangement than the current cheap-synth one.

The third (distant) step is to start sequence the tracks so that they flow well. I’ll not worry about that too much for a while.

So that’s the basics of my plan for music for the next for months. I’m really looking forward to it. Let the fun begin 🙂

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