Demo 8 – Across the Sea

So it’s been more than a month since I posted a song so I thought I should get back to it since it was the original aim of this blog…

Anyway, this song was written and recorded a few months ago and of the songs I’ve posted so far is the only one that’s not a political/social comment one. It was nice to write something a bit more personal after doing a lot of songs looking out at what else was going on in the world (even if they’re all written as if they’re somewhat personal songs). I’d say that the tone fits with the other ones since there’s a tinge of sadness but, unlike most of the others, there’s also a shade of hope in the chorus that gives it a bit of a lift.

Originally I’d intended to add in harmonies in the chorus but I couldn’t get some that worked before letting the song sit for a while. I’ll most likely try to add some in when I record the final version but I quite like the directness of having just a single voice. It feels more personal. The challenge for the final version will be to see if I can get harmonies to work without making it seem too detached. I normally use harmonies and vocal effects as ways of making it feel less like it’s “me” singing or that it’s not my voice (I’m not a fan of my voice but it’s the only one I’ve got!), which is really the opposite of what I want this one to end up like. Losing the personal connection for this one would damage the song for me.

Musically it’s in the same area as Iron & Wine, Elliott Smith or Bon Iver. The whispery folk genre is one that a lot of my songs have fallen into in the songs posted so far (and previous albums I’ve done in the past). In fact, I find that style to be very much in my comfort zone. This is likely because I love that style of music but also about how I make music. Recording on your own means you can’t just lay down live drums any time you want and everything has to be done one layer at a time. This limits the scope for doing really aggressive, energetic Rock tracks because there aren’t other musicians to feed off. I’m planning to branch out into playing with other musicians more in the future so I can experience both methods of making music [but that’s a whole other blog post I’ll have to write!].

The last song I posted (Les Merles) was written after Across the Sea but is a companion piece. I image that they’ll be sequenced together when I come to finally getting the running order decided. Together they provide the relief to the rather bleak attitude of a lot of the other songs by adding a hint of hope or joy without being so completely different (it’s not like either of them are “Walking on Sunshine“!).

As a side note, I also intend to get some more work done on my Ambisonics VSTs in the very near future. I’d like to get a beta for the B-format encoder finished and available as soon as possible but I’m considering giving it a complete overhaul. I’ll probably write about my current ideas for it soon.




They told you not to fret and just put out from your mind
The noise that follows you
But all the kindest words are hollowed by the constant sound
Of times you used to know

I’ll whisper lullabies to send you love
They’ll echo ‘cross the sea
So sleep and dream of all that you need
I’ll be right by your side

And although it’s not home, at least it’s not permanent
Was all they had to say
But time so slowly flows like water up the steepest hill
’til you can go away

I’ll whisper lullabies to send you love
They’ll echo ‘cross the sea
So sleep and dream of all that you need
I’ll be right by your side

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