Demo 7 – Les Merles

This is brand new one. Most of the other songs I’ve posted so far were written sometime over the last year or more but this one was written more or less entirely today. I’d had something like the opening guitar lick for a while that I’d tend to play when I’m not really concentrating and decided to try and make something out of it. It starts out a little bit Folk with a tinge of Country before turning into a mass of guitars in the second half.

In purely musical terms there’s not a lot going on here; the whole thing’s more or less one long B major chord. What I find fun is the layering of the different guitar parts that are each playing something quite simple to give something more complex sounding. I think I’d need 4 guitarists to be able to perform it live.

Once I eventually get my new guitar (I’ve been waiting 4 months for it to get back in stock…) I’m really looking forward to re-recording this track and getting the different textures of the Renaissance RS6 with my current acoustic guitar. Hopefully they’ll mesh well enough and create a new colour for the song.

I didn’t want to spend a lot time on this rough version just to have to re-record it again in a month so there isn’t any mixing going on here. The only thing I’ve done is to pan the different tracks and put a room reverb on the Master output. Once I do the re-recording I’ll really polish it up with proper EQ and all that jazz.


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