Demo 5 – Not My World

This song was written at the same time as Fought the Things but couldn’t really be more different. This one is, more than anything else I’ll probably end up posting here, not much more than a sketch of a song. There isn’t really much in the way of a song structure and it sounds very 80s. I think it’s just one drum and synth loop used the whole way through the entire song! Not exactly inspired but I like the melody so I don’t want to scrap the whole thing.

I contemplated not putting this up because it really is so rough and quite silly but I thought I might as well. The whole point in this blog is document the evolution of these songs from their initial stages through to something more complete and well thought out. Occasionally that will mean posting something that’s maybe not ideal but captures the main ideas of the song.

So why is this song all synths when everything else I’ve done has been guitar based? I’m not sure. I think I just wanted to try something completely different and get out of my comfort zone. I don’t think it’s a complete failure (but mostly because of the melody and not the electronics) but it’s far from a resounding success.

What I took away from this track was that I don’t really have a clue what I’m doing when it comes to electronic music and end up with derivative, cliché nonsense.

So where does ‘Not My World’ go from here? I think it’s quite likely that the synths will be replaced by a guitar playing the same riff and I’ll use the synths as more background layering than the main rhythm instrument. The percussion will be varied and hope won’t be quite so 80s sounding in the end. The main thing I want to keep is the layered melodies of the outro. Maybe a couple of repeats will fall by the wayside but I like that part. Basically, the whole production style of the song will change. Even if it wasn’t crap in its current form it would have to change to fit with the other songs away.



I like to be on my own
But not alone
Like I can’t help to
This is not my world
I don’t fit in
‘Cus the place for me
Has been filled up

The stars just don’t care about
All my wishes
And just why should they?
They’re so far away
And so remote
What good could they do?
They’re alone too

When all of these useless thoughts
Scratch at my brain
I just shut myself down
I can’t help but see
Every single one
Makes me break down

You’re not allowed to be miserable
I won’t let you but who’s stopping me?
(repeat ad nauseum)

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