Full disclosure (musical influences)

Before I start posting any music of my own I thought I’d write a bit about my main musical influences. Not so much because I expect anyone to care but because it’ll force me to think about where exactly I’m drawing some of my ideas from and perhaps reminding me not to sound too much like any particular artist.

Lindsey Buckingham/Fleetwood Mac – Lindsey Buckingham’s solo stuff is easily my biggest musical influence. My acoustic guitar style owes a lot to him and I tend to mostly do a Travis picking style. His percussion and drums on solo albums tends to be an electronic style that I particularly like when mixed with his organic guitar playing and singing. There are just so many elements that have had a big influence on me that I could fill a whole post just talking about how great this guy is. Oh, and he writes great songs too!

Tony Iommi/Black Sabbath – Tony Iommi is the guitarist I played along with when I was first learning the guitar. When I play lead guitar I tend to adopt some of his bluesier licks and trills. I find that I don’t  write that much big Sabbath-y riff rock because when I try that I end up listening to some Tony riffs and just deleting my own because they pale in comparison.

Iron & Wine – Elliott Smith – Bon Iver – These three bands account for a lot of my whispery folk style (although even that stemmed originally from inspiration from Lindsey Buckingham’s Under the Skin). All three of them have an excellent sense of wistful melody that I really enjoy.

Animal Collective –  Some of my earlier stuff was a lot more AC influenced than what I’m currently working on but I’m sure some influence will creep back in. They account for some of the more electronic sounds and textures I’ll use but really it’s more about song structure and adding a bit of surreal madness.

There are plenty of other artists that have influenced me over the years, some of whom I’ll have adopted elements of subconsciously, but there just isn’t the time for me to go through them all now. These are some of the main ones and I’ll talk about some of the others as this blog goes on.

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